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              • HVAC-R

                JIANGSU ZENIYA is a marine hvac units manufacturer,marine hvac units one of the main products,if you need High Quality marine hvac units,Welcome to contact us ZENIYA.
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              • Cold Chain Equipment

                We draw on advanced technology from home and abroad to develop this series of cold chin and refrigeration equipment, it covers modern agriculture, commerce, food, shipping, transportation, refrigeration, infrastructure, coal, chemical industry and other fields. With its excellent foundry technique, high quality product performance, intelligent control system, continuous innovation, energy-saving environmental protection technology, our brand is well known.
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              • Refrigeration Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger

                Refrigeration shell and tube heat exchanger is JIANGSU ZENIYA main products,if you need refrigeration?shell?and?tube?heat?exchanger,Welcome to contact us JIANGSU ZENIYA refrigeration?shell?and?tube?heat?exchanger manufacturer.
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              Welcome To Our Company

              Zeniya started its business as a joint-stock company in 2004.Focus on designing, developing, manufacturing and selling a large range of refrigeration products.
              Such as Vacuum cooler, fruit and vegetable vacuum preservation machine, cooked food vacuum cooler, flake ice machine, tube ice machine, edible cube ice machine, ice-cream brick machine, automatic ice storage, ice machine evaporator, container system...Read More   Inquiry Now
              •  01 Intelligent control system
              •  02 Continuous innovation
              •  03 excellent foundry technique
              •  04 Energy-saving
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            1. Company headquarters: Shanghai Hongqiao CBD Core Zone
              Production base: Zhangqiao Industry Park, Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, China
            2. Tel: 0086-523-87657356
            3. E-mail: sale@zeniya-hvac.com
            4. Fax: 0086-523-87657326
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